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Main » 2011 » July » 22 » Plus size shopping in Paris
1:35 PM
Plus size shopping in Paris
Being or having been the home-town of Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many other well-known fashion designers, Paris could only be the most amazing place to shop for all sorts of goodies.

As far as plus-size shopping in Paris goes, there are a few things you need to know before hitting the Champs Elysées.

A good place to start would be by finding out where to go… Paris may not be New York, but it’s still big and there are a lot of shops to look through ! Here are a few addresses of shops that sell plus size clothes in Paris.

In order to help you, I have put a direct link to Googe Maps for each of these plus-size boutiques. Just clik on « map » to see it.

Plus Size Stores in Paris

- Elena Miro (16 rue saint Roch – map),

- Cazak (très chic) (4 rue Marignan – map),

- D’Jude (167 rue Saint Martin – map),

- Gerlane (133 rue de Sevres – map),

- Couleurs (17 rue de Rivoli – map)

- and Laure Sokol (84 rue François Miron – map) are all great for plus size women’s clothes.

If you are on the go for your man or a male friend, you might like to check out Benchemoul (17 Boulevard Saint Martin – map) or/and Capel (74 Boulevard de Sebastopol – map) too.

Laure Sokol also do plus size lingerie (137 rue de Sevres – map) and is definitely worth a look.

Of course, you may also enjoy looking through a few more general shops in Paris, such as Galeries Lafayette or Printemps where you will find a small but no doubt very satisfying plus size aisle.

Beware of sizes

This brings me to my next point, a little something you need to know before going plus size shopping in France. Generally speaking, French women are slightly smaller than US women. The average size in France in 42 – equivalent to a US 10 – whereas the average American size is a 14.

Therefore, when plus size shopping in France, you may find it difficult to come across what you’re looking for. The list of addresses above may well go up to your size but it is quite possible the larger, more general stores will only go up to 14 or 16. Basically, don’t get upset if you don’t fit into the largest French size available, plus size shopping in France is not all that plus size !

If you don’t find clothes in your size or don’t find the style you’re looking for, you may want to contact a French tailor who will make you what you ask for – a perfect way to obtain the perfect outfit ! This way you will have the opportunity to be measured up and you choice will fit and suit you in the way you want. This is a more expensive way of shopping but at least you know what you’re getting for your money without compromise. If your stay in France is too short to pick up your outfit, most dressmakers would probably have your order sent to you overseas without a problem.

Finally, when plus size shopping in France, remember the words "Grande Taille” – you’re fit to shop !

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