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Main » 2011 » July » 21 » Plus Size Kimono
2:37 PM
Plus Size Kimono
From the very center of Chinese and Japanese culture comes the kimono robe. The style of the kimono has been adapted throughout the world, and quite literally, the name "kimono” translates in Japanese to "the thing to wear”, and the Chinese word for the kimono, ”gofuku” translates to "clothes of Wu”.

Superior comfort, quick and easy style and often high quality material and design is the main reason that the kimono style has survived and thrived for many hundreds of years.

Most kimonos are made of silk although some synthetics can be found. This is something to take into consideration when thinking about the care involved with a vintage kimono. Another great option is the Japanese cotton summer kimono.

Unless you are a size 14 and under you will have a harder time finding a vintage silk kimono that will be roomy enough to be comfortable. There are two reasons for this.

One is that since the Japanese people are so small on the whole there really isn't a demand for larger size kimonos. And the other is that the silk fabrics that vintage kimonos are made from are much narrower in width, which is why kimonos have a seam down the back.

But contemporary kimono manufacturers are making larger kimonos so you might want to find a new kimono instead of a vintage one if you are a plus sized gal.

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