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Main » 2011 » June » 22 » Plus Size Dance Clothes
4:15 PM
Plus Size Dance Clothes
Many people have taken to dancing these days, as it’s a very good form of entertainment and exercise. With all the plus size clothing at one’s disposal, many plus size women have taken to it. Till recent times it was very difficult to lay one’s hands on plus size dancewear, but the trend has changed now.

Every dancer has to look elegant and charming in their dance attire, and plus size women are no exception to this rule. A dancer should have a leotard as a basic dancing accessory, but the leotard need not be boring. Plus size dance clothes also have many types of leotards like:

    Long sleeve leotard
    Short sleeve leotard
    Camisole leotard
    Sleeveless leotard.

These leotards are available in various fabrics, and colors like red, yellow, blue, green, and not to forget black. Choose a fabric which best suits your skin. Combining a leotard with leggings is something you can choose if you are against showing off your legs.

Plus Size Ballet Clothes

The leotards can be dramatically combined with skirts of various kinds. You can choose skirts of varying length each time. This will bring drama to your clothing. A skirt with pleats, whether full or short, gathered at the waistband is the best bet. These skirts won’t hamper your movements while dancing. A sarong as a skirt is an innovative idea. The ballerina skirt is an option you should consider. The other skirt types are wrap-style dance skirts, elastic waist dance skirts and Juliet skirts.

Dance dresses are an option you should check. There are many kinds of plus size dance dresses from which you can choose to suit your taste. Crossback, jewel neck dance dress, jewel neck skate dress, Juliet, liturgical Skirt are some of the dance dresses you can choose from. A liturgical skirt can be combined with a long-sleeve leotard.

Plus Size Belly Dance Clothes

Belly dancing helps a lot in weight loss. Belly dance clothes normally come in bright colors, and are flowing. Usually, some metal pieces that make noise are attached to the clothes. This is to draw attention to the movement when dancing. In plus size dance clothes, harem pants have their own place. Belly dance clothes consist of a dossier, a skirt and some funky jewelery. Veils and long scarves are normally used by people who do not want to show off their midriff. They are at times used to add the dramatic touch to the clothes. Some dancers also choose to wear full-length dresses which are fitted above the waist, and flowing below the waist.

The double layer skirts with mirrors and thick waist bands are a hit with plus size belly dancers. These skirts are made of chiffon and can be combined with dossiers or dossier length long sleeve blouses, although the midriff remains exposed. Since these skirts are long in length, they cover up the legs, but the chiffon fabric makes them light in weight.

Free-flowing gypsy skirts are in vogue this season. The yards of flowing fabric add elegance to the attire. Circle skirts are also used as by plus size belly dancers. Both the gypsy and circle skirts can have embellishments in the form of lace attached.

Ballroom Dance Clothes

It is easiest to find clothing for ballroom dancing, as this form of dance does not have a set dress code. It is suggested you choose a dress which will not entangle your partner. Silk fabric is free-flowing and does not get entangled, while the chiffon fabric, although free-flowing, can wrap itself around your partner. Ballroom dance clothing should not be heavily sequined. Hope the tips on plus size dance clothes have helped you to decide what to wear for your next dance class.

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