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Main » 2011 » May » 29 » Neckermann Chic In Form сatalogue plus size. Spring-Summer 2011
5:24 PM
Neckermann Chic In Form сatalogue plus size. Spring-Summer 2011
Neckermann, Germany is known as King Of Mail Order Business. And it truly is. Germans are offered a whole lot of different items at a very nominal cost. Yes, the costs are nearly 40% less than that in any other retail store. Every week a fat catalogue is mailed to the houses and people can get a chance of long distance shopping at highly affordable rates. Neckermann is placed at the outskirts of Frankfurt. He founder and sole owner’s name must be mentioned and it is Joseph Neckermann.

In ten years he has altered the buying habits of millions of Germans. Neckermann company has made tremendous change in the lives of these people. Of course the change is quite positive. The firm has turned out into the biggest mail order house in West Germany. This is mainly because of low prices. The company has practiced price cut policy to battle with his competitors.

Today, the firm rules over an empire of 22 retail stores, 48 electrical appliance stores, 60 repair shops and much more. When Joseph Neckermann was 21, he started this business with a slow pace. But today things have changed and he has succeeded immensely. In the path Neckermann has faced many pressures and difficulties from the competitors. This was mainly due to insecurity. There were associations that pressurized the subcontractors to stop working for Neckermann. Like wise many such pressures were imposed. But out of thick and thing, Neckermann came out being stronger.

Even for future. Neckermann has awesome plans and wants that catalogue come out in three languages for a prospective market of 100 million people. Today, Neckermann is Germany’s third largest mail order company and fifth largest in Europe.

According to the available data in 2004, Neckermann has employed 7800 people and the revenues generated were approximately 2.03 Billion USD. Out of this revenue around one third of the company’s sales is generated by 7,00,000 agency customers.

The day is not far when Neckermann becomes number one mail order company of Germany or Europe. This is because the company is putting in great efforts and is willing to pay attention to customer’s needs and generate sales and revenue in that fashion.

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