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Main » 2011 » June » 24 » Summer 2011, Women's Plus Size Skirtini
3:03 PM
Summer 2011, Women's Plus Size Skirtini

Skirtini swimwear is gaining in popularity over the years. It combines the top of a tankini with a skirted bottom to create a fun, feminine swimsuit that's more modest than some of the other options on the market.

One great thing about the skirtini is how comfortable it is, and how much freedom of movement it allows. Other swimsuits sometimes feel restricting, especially one piece suits. Since skirtinis are two piece swimsuits, it's easier to move around in them. As far as comfort goes, you can't beat a skirtini. Not only is a skirtini comfortable to wear, it also makes women feel more comfortable and confident mentally. The extra coverage makes it less of a nerve-wracking experience to be in public in a swimsuit.

Skirtini swimsuit is modest, yet fashionable. Women who like the flirtatious style of bikinis, but don't want to show that much skin, should consider a skirtini. The extra coverage puts many women at ease about showing too much of their body. Plus the areas that are covered, including the tummy and hips, are typical problem areas for women. A little extra fabric goes a long way in flattering the body.

Women with pear shaped bodies may find that skirtini swimwear is the ideal fit for their body. When the bottom, hips, and thighs are larger than the upper body, this is said to be pear-shaped. The skirt of a skirtini covers and flatters these areas, whereas a regular bikini bottom would accentuate them in a negative way. The point of a swimsuit is to show the curves in a positive light, which is sometimes easier to do when they're covered up a little. Plus size women and particularly tall women both look great in skirtinis as well, which shows how versatile skirtini swimwear is when it comes to body types.

Skirtini swimwear comes in many different styles. Colors, patterns, designs: basically anything you want, you can get. Floral patterns and bright colors are especially popular in skirtini swimwear. When designers create styles for skirtinis, fun is what they have in mind. Some skirtinis even have accents like ruffles, rhinestones, and contrasting trim.

As far as feminine swimwear goes, you can't get better than the skirtini. With ruffled skirts and floral patterns being some of the most popular skirtini swimsuit designs, it's easy to see how naturally girly the skirtini is. Skirtini swimwear is perfect for women and girls who want an alternative to the sporty styles of other swimwear.

With such fun designs, flattering fits, and modest coverage, you can't go wrong with skirtini swimwear. 

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